Your Home – Our Assurance

Buying your dream home may be the biggest investment of your lifetime. Even though the process appears very exciting and thrilling, it may soon turn out to be overwhelming. While the property you’ve selected appears perfect and absolutely flawless, how could you be certain that there aren’t any serious defects in it? Allow us to ease down your worries and bring you complete ‘peace of mind’.

Home inspections are an important part of all real estate transactions. Whether you’re buying a new home, a unit-townhouse or a second-hand property, a professional inspection offers an insight into the potential issues of the building in question. When making such a big investment, there’s a considerable amount of risk involved in it. With professional new building inspections in Melbourne, you can cut down the risk and take a well-informed decision.

Even if you’re putting your house on sale, it’s pretty sensible to opt for home defect Inspections. Remember, knowledge is power. All constructions, domestic as well as commercial, have strengths as well as weaknesses. At The Building Watchdog, we provide you with a detailed building defect reports and help you analyse the prospective issues. At the same time, we help you settle on the issues that need immediate attention and the ones that can wait. With our handover inspections services, you come to know more about your property. Naturally, you become more prepared to put your property on sale.

Yes the are mandatory inspection required by a Registered Building Surveyor for new housing and renovation work but they do not inspect the the after frame stage so the builder can cover up any defective work and they do not inspect the quality of work done. Thats were we can help you the client to take control of how your house is to be constructed and quality of finish that you expect and has been built to the plans and documentation for a proposed building work meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, The Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2006.